Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Commission: Storm (Morlock version)

A commission done for the ever-lovin', blue-eyed Aron Head over at Ideology of Madness. He's starting a commission series of comic characters enjoying a cigar and/or tasty adult beverage. As the first commission on this series I felt I needed to set the bar high. A fancy trick of sketch books and commission series is making the first few in the series very high end commissions. This works particularly well in a sketch book scenario. The next artist in line picks up the book and before starting typically takes a look through. The better the art previous the more subconscious pressure there is to make the next piece meet the rest in terms of quality. Yes, this is a subtle, horrible way to play on an artist's natural self-loathing, but it works. If it were me getting the commission, I'd do it, and being the first in a series I'm happy to set the bar as high as I can for everybody else. Good business practice: when a good customer comes your way (and Aron is absolutely the model case for "good customer") treat them right.

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