Friday, April 5, 2013

Space-Gun 2013 and Blog Neglect!

So I've hardly touched this blog in months and the reason is due in no small part to my main endeavor over at Space-Gun Studios (in case you're new here, I'm a founding member). Space-Gun has committed to making content on a weekly basis (Friday updates) for the entire year of 2013 and I've been working very long hours to make sure that commitment is kept. Our content is incredibly varied, ranging from podcasts to audio fiction to mini comics, so if you like any of those things give the Tumblr a look. Some of the work is all me, some of it is collaborations, and some of it is entirely produced by my other studio mates. It's all rad stuff, and as the year progresses I'm planning to expand my updates and hopefully give you more and more as time goes on. In the meanwhile, here's a bit of art from the audio fictions I've been producing. Respectively the stories shown are: The Cage, The Plan, and Fossil. If you check the Tumblr out you'll also fine a handful of short comics I've done as well.

I'll try to update here a bit more often with what I'm putting up there, but definitely check out and follow us on Tumblr and iTunes for more. Oh, and five star iTunes ratings would be super helpful. Thanks!